Wednesday, January 11, 2012


All sweetness and light when dealing with the press and her fans, Danielle Jamison is a different creature behind closed doors.  Cold, cunning, and career-obsessed, she’s managed to parlay her role on a teen soap into movie stardom, but she won’t be satisfied until she has the Oscar, an award that’s already eluded her once.

Author’s Notes:  Every story needs a villain right?  The one in BLAME IT ON THE FAME just happens to come in a petite, sweet-voiced package.  Not that Danielle considers herself a villain; she’s just ambitious and goal-oriented and woe betide the person who gets in her way (that includes her husband and two small children.)

I love Danielle and make no excuses for it.  I’d totally want to hang out with her and listen to her talk smack about all of the other nominees in her category.  I’d just have to be careful never to turn my back on her; otherwise, I might end up with a knife stuck in it.

Danielle Quotes (non-spoilery):  “Are you insane?  How many kids with leukemia are members of the Academy?  If I want to win this thing, and you know I do, then I need to be courting the gay vote, not wasting my time on sick rugrats.  Tell GLADD I’ll be there.”

“I’ll look like frickin’ June Cleaver.  Minus the pearls, of course.  I’ll leave those to Reese, whose kids aren’t nearly as cute as mine.  I think she bleaches their hair.  It looks just a little too blonde to be natural if you know what I mean.”

“I’ve heard that drugs make you paranoid.  I guess you’re living proof.”  

Casting:  In my mind’s eye, Danielle looks like a young Amy Adams with the natural beauty (strawberry blonde hair, perfect skin, lovely smile) and aura of wholesomeness.


  1. Oooh! What a little minx Danielle is!

  2. OMG! I'm loving the quotes from Danielle! Especially the one about Reese ROTFLMAO! Danielle certainly sounds like a delicious villain that we will love to hate...although a petite female with a caustic tongue that I'm guilty of wielding at times, I can sympathize with her.

    Love the casting choice for her. I'd love to submit another actress for consideration: Clare Foy? I know she's a Brit but I have no doubt she can pull an American accent. She certain looks wholesome and has played wholesome (Little Dorrit, has shown her caustic side in Going Postal and played a totally bitchy diva in Upstairs/Downstairs.

    Can't wait to read all about Danielle's antics in Blame It On The Fame...Not so sure she would get my vote for the big prize though...LOL

  3. Danielle sounds so cool. I cant wait to read about what she gets up to. Loved the quotes

  4. I totally want to hang with Danielle! Love "courting the gay vote, not wasting my time on sick rugrats."

    One down, four to go... can't wait to read more!

  5. Great description of Danielle! I feel like I'll definitely be able to picture her once I get my hands on Blame It on the Fame.