Friday, January 13, 2012


A supermodel who ditched the catwalk to try her hand at acting, Anaya Reynolds is Tinsel Town’s latest It Girl.  Her hard partying ways, casual hook-ups with himbos, and uncensored mouth keep the tabloids happy, but her self-destructive behavior, which spirals out of control as the Oscars near, threatens to destroy her credibility, her career, and quite possibly, her life.

Author’s Notes:  Celebrity trainwrecks – we hear about them and their shenanigans every day and we wonder how they can be so self-destructive and out-of-control.  Sometimes their stories have a happy ending (Robert Downey, Jr. – such an amazing comeback!) and sometimes a tragic one (R.I.P. Amy Winehouse.)  Like other celebrity trainwrecks before her, Anaya has it all (fame, talent, beauty, adoration) and she’s arrogant enough to think that she can hold on to it no matter how badly she behaves. 

You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens to Anaya, but I think of her story as a cautionary tale and I found it both fascinating and challenging to delve into the psyche of someone who never considers consequences.

Anaya Quotes (non-spoilery):  “I have a great ass, an ass that sold eight million pairs of True Religion lo-rise jeans.  My ass brought dark wash denim back.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m a bad, irresponsible girl, but can’t the lecture wait until I’ve had a smoke and a cup of Brazilian Dark Roast?”

“Bitch, please.  You’re the one who shops the sales racks at Macy’s and gets her hair color from a $6 bottle of Clairol.  If anyone in this club is ‘low-rent,’ it’s you.”

Casting:  I didn’t really have a particular person in mind while writing Anaya, but I’ve looked at photos of several black supermodels and I think that the gorgeous Arlenis Sosa comes pretty close to how I imagined Anaya.  She’s tall, dark-skinned, edgy and chameleonic in her looks, and she exudes sensuality and confidence.  


  1. “Bitch, please. You’re the one who shops the sales racks at Macy’s and gets her hair color from a $6 bottle of Clairol. If anyone in this club is ‘low-rent,’ it’s you.”

    EEK! I'm change my name to "low rent" then! *severely blushing* LOL

    I'm immensely grateful that you didn't imagine the Voldemort of supermodels - She Who Must Not Be Named - *cough*naomi*cough* and Arlenis is gorgeous so we're in agreement (2 for 3 YAY!)

    I'm highly allergic to that breed (supermodels that is!) so Anaya will not get any vote for me come awards time!!!!

    1. LOL about the Voldemort of supermodels. Naomi is namechecked in the book, as is Tyra, but that's only because they are two of most famous black supermodels of all time.

      I love that you think you get a vote in who wins this Oscar. [whispers]It's already been decided.[/whispers]

    2. Well, I guess you missed the memo where I was named "VOTING member of the academy"! ;-) LOL

  2. Initially, I thought you were describing Lindsay Lohan so I'm glad you didn't based Anaya on her. It'll be interesting to see how her bad behavior affects her in Hollywood.

    1. Ha, no, Anaya doesn't have much in common with LiLo except for being a hot mess who's constantly getting into trouble.

  3. Love this!!
    Is "himbos" trademarked??
    Does Anaya throw phones? I see no similarity - don't worry! (rhymes with shayomi?)

    Can't wait to see more!

  4. Wish I could take credit for himbos, but it's been around for a while. LOL about the phones. No, Anaya, does not throw them. She does get into a lot of feuds with other people in the biz, though.