Sunday, April 22, 2012


Welcome to Books by Banister!  In honor of today being Earth Day, this week's Six Sentence Sunday snippet features the earthiest of the five heroines in my Hollywood-themed Chick Lit novel BLAME IT ON THE FAME.  For the record, internationally famous supermodel-turned-movie star Anaya Reynolds is not the type of girl to recycle (she doesn't even like to wear the same outfit twice!)  In this scene, wild child Anaya has just returned to her hotel room after a hard night of partying.  What she stumbles in on is her disapproving management team (including her agent, Mandy Lyle, and her publicist, Kendra Seegar) lying in wait to read her the riot act over her latest stunt.

*  *  *  *  *

Bottom’s up!’ the headline blared.  Beneath it was a large crystal-clear photo of a mini-dress-clad Anaya picking herself up from the sidewalk outside Purgatory, where she’d tripped and fallen as she was exiting the club.  Some enterprising photographer had snapped a shot of her from behind and gotten the full moon.

“When will these girls learn to wear panties?” Mandy asked, shaking her head with despair.

“I had them on earlier in the evening,” Anaya tried to defend herself, “but I gave them to Christophe after we--”

“Please, please, Kendra held up her hand, we don’t need to hear any more about your sordid assignation with that himbo in the toilet.

*  *  *  *  *

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Monday, April 16, 2012


Back in January before BLAME IT ON THE FAME was released, I posted some fun character introductions for the five heroines of the novel.  These introductions included my thoughts on who I would cast in the various leading lady roles if the book were to ever be turned into a movie.  Now that people have read BIOTF (for which I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart), I am constantly being asked, "When are you going to tell us who you had in mind when you were writing the male characters in the book?"  So, by popular demand, here are my casting choices for the men of BLAME IT ON THE FAME:

MILES MCCREA:  The charming bad boy who drives his co-star, fellow Oscar nominee, and one-time flame, Philippa Sutcliffe, to distraction, Miles has proven to be the favorite of many readers.  There's a lot to love about him; he's gorgeous, sexy, funny, charismatic, and let's not forget that delicious Scottish accent!  Casting Miles is an absolute no-brainer because he's the only character in the book whose physical description was based on a real person.  In fact, I gazed at (I mean, carefully studied for research purposes) photos of this actor before writing every scene he appeared in.  Without further ado, I give you my one and only Miles McCrea . . . Gerard Butler.  To be clear, I'm talking about Gerard in his prime, circa Tomb Raider and Phantom of the Opera.

ROBERT "ROBBIE" GARZA:  The long-suffering manager of wild child Oscar nominee, Anaya Reynolds, Robert spends most of his time trying to rein in his client's self-destructive tendencies.  He "discovered" Anaya when she was just a teenager, helped her to become one of the world's most successful models, and supported and encouraged her when she wanted to segue into acting.  Although Robert is older than Anaya by 13 years and their relationship remains undefined (Friends?  Colleagues?  Wannabe lovers?), Anaya is not blind to the fact that he is an attractive man.  My pick for Robbie would be one of my favorite telenovela actors, Carlos Ponce.  He looks great in a business suit (watch him in Dame Chocolate and tell me I'm lying) and even better out of one!

LOGAN RAFFERTY:  Known for his golden boy good looks and surfer's physique, Logan is the husband of Oscar nominee Danielle Jamison.  They met and fell in love on the set of a primetime teen soap, married young, and had children right away.  Since their TV show ended, Danielle's star has risen and she is on her way to becoming one of the highest-paid and most fan-loved actresses in Hollywood.  Meanwhile, Logan's career has remained stagnant and he is now known more for being Mr. Danielle Jamison than for his own accomplishments.  I pictured a fair-haired hottie with a chiseled jawline and sculpted abs along the lines of Alex Pettyfer as Logan.

So, tell me, those of you have read BLAME IT ON THE FAME, who did you see as Miles, Robert, and Logan?