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Today Psycho-Mommy author Mira Harlon is having a little fun interviewing one of the main supporting characters in her book: Richard. You will have to read the book to get the FULL RICHARD EXPERIENCE, and let's just say, he alone is worth buying the book. Richard is a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders, mainly, and works at the University of Pennsylvania with heroine Jess. He's openly gay and has quite a diva attitude. In the opening chapters of the book, you instantly feel the resentment some of the characters have towards Richard because of his kiss-up antics to the head of the department, but by the end of the book they all become fast friends. There are some hysterical Richard plot surprises throughout the book. The following Q&A will give you a little flavor of the one-and-only Richard. If you enjoy this sprinkling of Richard, be sure to check out the book. Psycho-Mommy is 99 cents on Amazon until this Friday, June 21, 2013. 

Mira: So Richard, or should I call you Dr. Rich?

Richard: Honey, you can call me whatever you like … just don’t call me Ricky, KAY?

Mira: OK! I am a little intimidated to meet you in the flesh … you being a celebrity now and all.

Richard: Oh, hush, you sassy thing you! It’s JUST LITTLE OL’ meeeeeee!

Mira: Ok, can you tell us, Dr. Rich, what it’s like being dubbed “the new Dr. Ruth”?

Richard: Well it’s an honor. For years I focused my career as a psychologist on helping individuals with eating disorders, even though I did specialize in both eating disorders and sex therapy. You see, it can be hard to build a practice for a gay man like myself in sex therapy. Did you know I’m gay? A lot of my women followers don’t realize that. Let me just be clear – I AMMMM GAY! Holla! Who’s with me? Seriously, ladies, I’m flattered, but please stop sending me love mail.

Mira:  Well, you can imagine why all the ladies adore you?

Richard:  Yes, yes I know I’ve got it going on, but sorry ladies, Richard don’t play that way. Uh-uh. But I will go shopping with you anytime.

Mira:  For people who don’t know you, can you describe yourself in three words?

Richard: Three words? That would be FAB-U-LOUS!

Mira:  Before becoming a celebrity, when Jess, your colleague got you fired how did you feel?

Richard:  Oh, when she did that, girl, I was like Mount Vesuvius ready to erupt … I had a voodoo doll of Jess-er that I was sticking pins in and boiling on my stove and everything. I was like, “B!tch, you going down!” But I can say that now in the public domain because she’s like my #1 best-ie. We are like this. (crosses fingers into twist)

Mira: Now that you are as you say, “Best-ies” with Jess, what do you think of her husband?

Richard: Oh, Nolan? He is yummy, yummy! I’m talking sugar, and spice AND EVERYTHING NICE! He is a hunky, hunky monkey. He is the whipped cream AND the cherry on top. You know what I’m sayin’?

Mira: I suppose. What kind of father do you think he will be?

Richard:  That boy will be “father of the year”. That hockey stuff he does. I don’t know anything about that sport, but I know he looks hunky-butter-loving in his little hockey outfit.

Mira: Right! OK and what about Simmi’s wedding. Are you going?
Richard: Am I going? Girl, I had my pink tuxedo picked out weeks ago! I am just working on my plus 1. I am hoping to take Anderson Cooper. Can you put in a good word for me?

Mira:  Um, I don’t …. Um …. Sorry I don’t know Anderson.

Richard: “No Probs! I’m going to get my people to call his people.”

Mira: Well I know you are very busy Dr. Richard, thanks so much for taking a few minutes with me today.

Richard: You bet, off to Oprah now!  Tootles!

Book blurb: 
Jessica Reed, a vibrant type-A-psychologist, is the ultimate planner:

  • Acceptance to the Ivy League school of her choice … (check!)
  • Graduating Summa Cum Laude and securing the ultimate post, as a sought after psychologist at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world…. (check!)
  • Marrying Nolan, the man of her dreams (check!)
All is going according to the plan, UNTIL... is it possible? She’s pregnant right after her honeymoon! But, that’s not part of the plan. There are so many more things that are supposed to happen before babies.Are her dreams to start a private practice or Nolan’s dream to work for the Philadelphia Flyers crushed? 

When Jess finally accepts the obvious, she starts to unravel. Hold on for a wild ride through Jess’s brilliant yet quirky mind as she obsesses about all things pregnancy - morning sickness, weight gain, proper nutrition, kegels, home baby-proofing, pure exhaustion and honing her sexiness (let’s just say it gets a bit awkward.) Along the way Jess’s zany patients, friends, family members and colleagues, manage in ways, both big and small, to contribute to her pregnancy fixations. Does her obsession turn her into “psycho-mommy”? 

With incredible wit and amazing perception into the human psyche, Mira Harlon keeps you coming back for more. This ironic, feel-good read will have you laughing and crying and wondering if we don’t all have a little psycho-mommy in us!
Psycho-Mommy is on sale for 99 cents until Friday, June 21, 2013, so grab your copy today!

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