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Today, I’m delighted to welcome funny and fabulous Women’s Fic/Romance author Tracy Krimmer to Books by Banister. Her new novel, Caching In, has such a unique and clever premise. Raise your hand if you know what geocaching is. I had no idea until Tracy first mentioned her next release on Chick Lit Chat several months ago. I love it when I can learn something new from a book! Here's a definition:  

geocaching (noun) - the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website. 

Keep reading for more interesting info about Tracy and this latest addition to her publishing portfolio.

1) Can you give us a brief overview of Caching In?  

Caching In is a romance centered around Ally, who has had enough of her boring life and wants to do something different. She meets a couple that is out geocaching, and after researching the pastime, she tries it on her own, and meets Seth.

2) What's your favorite quality about your heroine/hero? 

Her sarcasm. I feel like my answer should be something deep and meaningful, but I’m a sarcastic person by nature, and brought that out in Ally.

3) What made you want to write Caching In?  

A friend of mine geocaches all the time, and I have gone with her a few times. It’s a lot of fun, and I wondered how you could bring romance into a hobby such as geocaching. Also, I haven’t seen a romance book focusing on geocaching. Most I come across are mysteries. I wanted to do something different.

4) How long did it take you to write Caching In? What is your writing process like?  

It took me about a week to get the first chapter done. I wanted it to be perfect before I moved on. I don’t normally work that way, but I needed to do it this way to see if I had a story. Once I completed that, it took a good seven or eight months. When I write, I use Evernote a lot and dictate through my iPhone or iPad. I get much more done that way instead of typing.

5) If Hollywood comes calling and asks you to sign over the movie rights for Caching In, who would you like to see play Ally and Seth on-screen?  

When I write a story, I need to have a visual of the characters. I picture Ally as Jennifer Lawrence, with the long hair, and Seth as Jake Gyllenhaal. Putting them together on screen would be interesting, I think!

6) How did you decide on the title for Caching In?  

Actually, the title came first. On a trip to the grocery store, the title Caching In on Love popped into my head. After I had the title, the storyline just came to me. I knew exactly what was going to happen the second I had the title.

7) Tell us about your cover art design. How did you come up with the concept? Did you execute it yourself or have a professional do it?  

After much too much time on stock photo sites, I found two images. The one I fell in love with is the one on the cover. After first I utilized Fiverr. I liked what came back to me, but it didn’t feel right. With the help of Chick Lit Chat HQ, an awesome online meeting space for chick lit authors, the cover you now see was born.

8) The fiction market is so competitive now. How did you find an audience for your work? What do you think are the most effective ways an author can promote herself?

This is a very difficult question. I am not sure if I have found the audience for most of my work. Caching In definitely has an audience, but reaching them is proving quite the challenge. With an extremely limited budget, I rely on Facebook, Twitter, and great friends to spread the word about my books. I hope one day I can reach more people by way of newsletters and ads.

9) What are your thoughts on love scenes in books? Do you prefer to read/write sweet/romantic encounters between your hero and heroine or spicy ones?  

Honestly, I think these scenes are hard to write. I have written both. My first book, Pieces of it All, is a coming-of-age novel and has a few vivid scenes. Caching In is the complete opposite and everything happens behind doors. I have fun writing the spicy scenes, but the sweet romance leaves so much more to the reader’s imagination, and, as a reader, I prefer that.

10) What are you working on now?  

Mid-January I began revisions on my next book, which could be considered a sequel to Caching In. Seth and Ally are not in the book at all. It is a stand-alone featuring Ally’s best friend, Chelsea. I have no idea when it will be ready for publication, so stick around to find out!

11) Who are the authors who inspire you?  

This is always a hard question to answer. I don’t want to leave anyone out. The author that got me writing is R.L. Stine. Yes, completely different genre. As a young kid, I devoured his books. My reading has evolved greatly, but I look up to authors such as Jodi Picoult, Laurie Halse Anderson, Gillian Flynn, and Mary Robinette Kowal. I also adore all the authors in the Chick Lit Chat HQ group!

12) What genres do you like to read? Do you stick to one or are you eclectic in your reading tastes? 

Years ago, I only read thrillers. Over the past four or five years, I began reading many more authors, and while I enjoy romance the most, I also will pick up fantasy or science fiction here and there.

13) If you could be plopped down in the middle of any book, which one would it be?  

Wow. Based on the books I read, I don’t want to deal with any of their issues! I would much prefer to be in the middle of something less stressful. I’m going to have to go with a simple book, like Goodnight Moon. I mean, this way I get to take a nap, right?

14) If you could invite any five people (living or dead) over for a dinner party, who would they be and why? 

You really know how to ask impossible questions! This is one of those questions that would have a different answer every day. First, my grandmother. She passed away when I was very young, and she was extremely young as well. I would love to spend time with her. Second, Drew Barrymore. She overcame a lot as a child actress in Hollywood and has become a great woman. Cesar Milan. Can he please tell me what my dog is thinking? Maya Angelou because her poetry was amazing, and she was as a human being. Fifth, I have to go with Mindy Kaling. She’s hilarious and I think she would be so much fun to hang out with.

Fast and Flirty

Favorite scent?  Lavender and coffee. But not together.
Favorite color?  I am all about PINK. Love it in every shade.
Favorite food?  Popcorn. I eat a bag every night.
Favorite word?  Love
Favorite article of clothing?  Lounge pants or a hoodie. It’s a tie.
Dream vacation spot?
Anywhere warm where I can read.
Favorite time period in history? The 80s for the music. The present because I’m loving life.
Favorite girl's night out drink?  Coffee – I know, what a prude.
Favorite date night activity?  One that I can mention here? Okay, a movie then, but at a theater, preferably one that serves dinner.
Favorite song?  This changes. Currently "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift.
Celebrity hottie on your laminated list?  Come on, Tracie. You know this. Justin Baldoni. <Blogger's Note: We'll have to timeshare him.>

Book Blurb: 

Can a compass lead you to love?

Broken-hearted Ally Couper has had enough with her ridiculous life. Her job at the bank is going nowhere, and her love life might as well be non-existent.

Determined to try something new, Ally becomes absorbed in the world of geocaching. The high-tech driven scavenger hunt introduces her to Seth, and she realizes the game isn’t the only thrilling part.

Ally’s bad luck may finally be changing, until the past threatens to halt her future with Seth. Can they find happiness together, or is love the one cache Ally can’t find?

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Author Bio

Tracy's loves of writing began at nine years old. She wrote stories about aliens at school, machines that did homework for you, and penguins. Now she pens books and short stories about romance. She loves to read a great book, whether it be romance or science fiction, or any genre in between, or pop popcorn and catch up on her favorite TV shows or movies. She's been known to crush a candy or two as well. Her first romance novel, Pieces of it All, released in May 2014 followed in December with Caching In, a romance mixed with the hobby of geocaching. She also has written several short stories. Sign up for her newsletter so you won't miss out on any new releases.

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  1. I lvoe the cover and it sounds like a fun book. Great interview too.

  2. I've heard of geocaching but have never tried it. I heard about it from my husband who is a land surveyor. He has participated in some geocaching for fun. This book sounds fun.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Bonnie!

  3. Awesome interview! Nice to find out a bit more about you, Tracy - and lovelovelove the premise for your novel. Can't wait to read it!

  4. Thanks Maggie! Hope you enjoy it!