Thursday, June 27, 2013


The In Need of Therapy anniversary party continues today with a fun, Cosmo-style quiz. In the book, heroine Pilar Alvarez has a romantic dilemma. There are three very different men in her life who might be “the one.” Her mother champions one of these fellas, while her best friend, Sara, roots for another. Who will Pilar pick and can she overcome the obstacles that stand between her and true love?

I’d like to know whose side you’re on in the great ‘Ford vs. Victor vs. Mitch Debate.’ Which of Pilar’s men tickles your fancy? Who would you choose if you were in her sassy wedge espadrilles? Take the quiz below and see which of these hunks rings your bell and snag one of the team buttons below so that you can show your support for your favorite.

1) What’s your idea of the perfect date? 

A) Spending hours in a cozy, little restaurant, enjoying great food, a bottle of wine, and some intimate conversation.

B) Being taken to a salsa club where we shake our groove things to some incredible live music and work our way down the cocktail menu, trying out drinks with names like The Fever or Cherry Velvet Crush.

C) Sharing a pizza and a six-pack, watching a steamy thriller like Basic Instinct or Wild Things, then moving the party to the bedroom. 

2) Who’s your celebrity crush? 

A) Bradley Cooper

B) Hugh Jackman

C) Javier Bardem

 3) You're introducing your new man to the parents, how does he try to impress your mom? 

A) By bringing her a year's supply of Percocet samples.

B) By removing his shirt and doing a quick 100 push-ups.

C) By presenting her with a bottle of the finest champagne, along with a set of Baccarat crystal flutes, and offering a toast to "everlasting beauty." 

4) What color best describes your personality and why? 

A) Red, because it's bold, dramatic and fiery.

B) Orange, because it's vibrant and stimulating

C) Blue, because it's deep, steady, and calming. 

5) What outfit do you feel the hottest in? 

A) Skinny jeans and a sexy halter top.

B) A tailored white blouse, pencil skirt, and heels.

C) A flirty dress, with a short skirt and plunging neckline.

6) You're scoping out the bookshelf at your guy's place. What's he reading?

A) A set of first editions of all the classics, though it's hard to tell if they're for pleasure or show.

B) What bookshelf? The only literature this man has is GQ and a copy of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue on his toilet.

C) A mix of academic books and mysteries, all well-worn from so much reading. 

7) Your high school boyfriend was . . . 

A) Best Looking

B) Most Likely to Succeed

C) Biggest Flirt

8) What are your thoughts on marriage and children? 

A) After Mr. Right and I say “I do,” I want to quit my job so that I can stay home and take care of my husband and our three (maybe four) kids.

B) Why tie myself down to one person for life? I’ve got to be free to explore my options, none of which include being saddled with a baby.

C) I’d love to settle down with someone I could have an equal partnership with, someone whose values and goals match up with mine, and hopefully we could add a child or two to the mix. 

9) If you were stranded on a desert island with a man, what’s the first thing you’d like him to do? 

A) Build a sturdy shelter so that we’ll have a safe place to sleep or wait out any bad weather.

B) Fashion a spear out of bamboo and impress me with his manly fish-catching skills.

C) Invite me to go skinny-dipping in the lagoon he finds on the island.

10) What’s the one quality you find most attractive in a potential mate? 

A) Completely devoted to me and willing to prove it with a steady stream of expensive gifts and declarations of love.

B) A good listener who’s supportive and can give helpful advice.

C) Fun to be with. Life is never dull with him around.

Figure Out Your Score! 

1) A = 3  B = 2  C = 1 
2) A = 1  B = 3  C = 2 
3) A = 3  B = 1  C = 2 
4) A = 2  B = 1  C = 3 
5) A = 1  B = 3  C = 2 
6) A = 2  B = 1  C = 3 
7) A = 2  B = 3  C = 1 
8) A = 2  B = 1  C = 3 
9) A = 3  B = 2  C = 1 
10) A = 2  B = 3  C = 1

Who’s Your Perfect INOT Guy?

If your answers were mostly 1s, you are Team Mitch Buchannon! You like ‘em naughty, don’t you? Sexy lifeguard Mitch flirts as easily as he breathes. He’s got confidence and charm in spades, loves the ladies, and will make your heart palpitate whenever he smiles at you. He’s the ideal man for a hot fling, but serious relationships aren’t his thing. Of course, he’s trying to change his player ways with the help of his new therapist, Pilar.

If your answers were mostly 2s, you are Team Victor Liscano! Like Madonna, you are a material girl who likes the finer things in life, and Victor is the man to give those to you. He is a successful restaurateur with a rich family, so money is no object to him. And he loves making big (some might say, “over the top”) romantic gestures, so don’t be surprised when he whisks you off on a hot air balloon ride. Pilar found his neediness and theatrics exhausting, which is why she kicked him to the curb, but she does question this decision when Victor pulls out all the stops to win her back.

If your answers were mostly 3s, you are Team Jonathan Fordham aka “Ford!” Psychiatrist Ford is kind, intelligent, enjoyable to spend time with, and most importantly, he has the dreamiest pair of blue eyes since Brad Pitt. He’s a great doctor who truly cares about his patients, a wonderfully supportive friend, and a loving father. Yes, that’s right he has a precocious young son named Nate, so I hope you like kids! Pilar does and she adores Nate right away. Problem is - Nate has a mom and Ford’s still with her according to the wedding band on his hand. So, this potential Mr. Right is technically unavailable.

Let me know which INOT guy you picked in the poll at the bottom of this post and be sure to download your team button (Shout-out to the wonderfully talented Laura Chapman for creating these fun buttons, along with my fabulous anniversary banner.) If you would be so kind as to post your team button on your blog or share it on Facebook and Twitter to promote the anniversary of In Need of Therapy, I’d be thrilled! You can link the button to the book’s Amazon page or back here to my blog.

Thanks, as always, for all of your support. I’m having such an amazing time celebrating INOT’s anniversary with you. Stay tuned for the Fun, Food, and Family series, which will start next Monday and involve another great giveaway! 

Which INOT hottie do you support?

  • Team Mitch
  • Team Victor
  • Team Ford


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  1. That was fun. Mine turned out to be Mitch. but, I'ld rather have Ford. :)

  2. Team Ford - I don't know if I'm happy or sad about that cos I was rather fond of Victor too!!!! Thanks Tracie, great fun.

  3. What is it about quizzes that are so irresistible? Ford for the win!

  4. FORD all the way for me, it appears! Love this feature! XX

  5. That was so much fun! Yay, for Team Ford! :)

  6. Like Janine, I ended up with Mitch, but really I'm definitely more a TeamFord girl!

  7. This was SO MUCH FUN!! :) Go Team Ford!! I was only one answer away from Team Mitch, though... so I guess I'm going to have to date both to make sure I have the right one! ;)

  8. FORD!!! This was so much fun! I haven't taken a quiz like this in years!

  9. Congrats on INOT's 1 year anniversary. It has passed in a flash. Worringly, my answers were mainly 1s, but Ford is the man for me! Must be the Buchannon/Buchanan thing. Loved the fact Victor had no votes in your poll - what a jackass! Sooz x