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Has #Droughtlander got you down? Don't despair, my friends! Engy Albasel Neville's time travel romance, A Leap in Time, can fill the void, and it's on sale for 99 cents now through June 15th. Grab yourself a copy and see what happens when Lexi Carter touches a painting and gets transported back in time to ancient Pompeii, where she comes face-to-face with gorgeous Roman studmuffin, Marcus. ROWR

Lexi's dropping by Books by Banister today to share her thoughts on love, romance, and her first meeting with the ever elusive "One."

When Love Finds You
by Lexi Carter, A Leap in Time

Nina Dobrev, the actress Engy envisions as her heroine, Lexi.

I’m a romantic. I believe in true love and happily ever after.

About a year ago, I nearly lost faith in love and I was prepared to turn my back on Cupid forever. Well, maybe not forever but for a really long time.

Break-ups will do that to you.

So here I was, barely over a shattered heart when the most unexpected thing happened.

I met him. 

I actually saw him across the room at a summer party long before we were introduced. Something about his smoldering green eyes captivated me. The animated way he motioned with his hands when speaking had me in a trance.

I think I fell in love with the dark haired Adonis at first sight.

And then we locked eyes from across the room and within seconds, he was standing within an arm’s reach of me. Latin never sounded more romantic tumbling from his lips. And this was only the beginning of the most proper and flirtatious courtship I’ve ever experienced. I was crazy about him.  Within a short time, he understood me better than anyone in my modern world had ever understood me. I had met my soul mate, only he lived thousands of years before my world even existed.

Martin Henderson as Marcus. <Tracie> I'd be captivated if I saw him across a crowded room, too! </Tracie>

Leaving him every weekend to go back to modern day Los Angeles was torture. My world seemed bleak in comparison to Marcus’s world and to Marcus.

I wouldn’t tell you how our story ends. You’ll need to read that for yourself in A Leap in Time. But I will tell you this … love comes uninvited, unscheduled and often in the most unexpected places. The only way to experience love is to embrace it and cherish it and hold on to it. So go out there and love unconditionally and don’t forget to thank the Universe for working its magic on your behalf.  

Lexi xx

Book Blurb

The morning after hanging an antique painting, Lexi Carter notices strange noises in her living room. Scared beyond words, she confronts the sounds only to discover that the landscape itself has come alive. Did Roman soldiers on horseback just gallop across the thing? 

She impulsively touches the painting and is sucked into the world of ancient Pompeii. Lexi meets Marcus, a Roman Adonis, who occupies her every thought, and sends her senses into a tailspin. 

The year is 59AD and Pompeii is at its peak of glory and prosperity. Lexi is faced with the decision of choosing between two worlds, her modern day Los Angeles or ancient Pompeii...with the man who captured her heart and soul.

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Author Bio

I'm Engy. I'm a mom, a wife, an amateur chef, yogini, bookworm, a nature lover and a hopeless romantic.
Prior to writing full time, I worked in the entertainment industry and later in brand consulting. Some of the interesting personalities I met along the way have inspired the characters in my books.

I currently reside on Long Island, New York with my husband, two toddlers and dog.

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