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There are a variety of men orbiting around the Tobin sisters in Twin Piques. Friends, lovers, roomies, even the dog in their lives all have the Y chromosome. The guy they both share the longest history with is Gavin ("Gav") Shaw. He was the boy-next-door when they were growing up, and the three of them have remained very close through the years, although the dynamic between Gav/Willa and Gav/Sloane is very different. Gav and Willa have a sibling-like bond while there's always been a fair amount of teasing and flirting between Gav and Sloane. Gav is a very successful graphic novelist, so he works odd hours in his home office and his hands are usually covered in ink. In his spare time, he likes to run long-distance and date women Sloane dismisses as "ditzy dye jobs."

Gav Quotes (non-spoilery): "If a dude's paying that much attention to his facial hair, he's a narcissist. Normal, non-douchey guys don't concern themselves with a little stubble at the end of the day."

"I'm pretty sure my four-year-old nephew could read between the lines on that one."

"I've never seen the eye twitch, scowl, and pulsating forehead vein all in play at once. It's like the tension trifecta."

Casting: Gav's defining physical features are his messy mop of blond hair, which Sloane refers to as "a terminal case of bed head" and his lean runner's body (mentions of his rock hard abs and nice backside pop up frequently in the book). I think Matt Barr (an actor I've been crushing on since I first saw him on that silly CW cheerleading show Hellcats a few years ago) would be perfect for the part. And for Teen Gav, I would cast the adorable Nick Roux (Loved him on Jane by Design!)

Willa's Afro-Latin roommate, Tommy (no last name needed, like Diddy or Usher), is her gay bestie. He's a jack of all trades, master of none, which means he changes jobs a lot. Willa thinks he's an entrepreneurial genius; Sloane thinks he's a slacker. Despite his lack of direction, Tommy is a good friend to Willa and is always there to give her advice and support (usually in regards to her love life) when she needs it.

Tommy Quotes (non-spoilery): "I'm feeling sarongs this summer."

"I'd better stock up on Friskies because it looks like we have a smitten kitten in the house."

"Climb down off that stake before you get burned, Saint Willa."

Casting: This was a tough one since Tommy has an exotic ethnic make-up (African-American and Puerto Rican). The best I could come up with is comedian/actor Eric André. He has the nice eyes, righteous 'fro, and devil-may-care 'tude I imagined Tommy having (tho Tommy does have a shorn head in the book).

Willa thinks her bad luck with men might be over when she meets Brody Wyatt, the rose expert hired to resuscitate her grandmother's ailing garden at the Tobin family home. He's handsome, smart, interesting, and a great dog daddy, but he's also a bit skittish and hard-to-read. Willa's not quite sure where she stands with him. Sloane tells her sister to proceed with caution, but Willa's always been the leap first and ask questions later type (usually to her detriment).

Brody Quotes (non-spoilery): "Sorry, I didn't realize that you were now applying logic to this talent of yours."

"Gladioli are bad ass."

"I blame my sister for some of my very questionable fashion choices in high school - ripped jeans, frosted hair tips, yellow-tinted sunglasses."

Casting: From the beginning, I pictured Haven actor Lucas Bryant as Brody when I was writing Twin Piques. He's tall and lanky and has the dark hair and blue eyes. Also, he has the deep, rumbly voice and quiet, intelligent demeanor that characterizes Brody.

As Sloane spends the majority of her time at work and doesn't really have the time to date, it makes perfect sense that her most meaningful relationship with a man, aside from her friendship with Gav, is the one she has with her supervisor, Josh Finley. The two of them have a lot in common as they're both Stanford alums (Josh was the school's star quarterback.) and are ambitious, overachieving workaholics. They make a great team at Ashby, Terhune, and McAllister. Could they be something more?

Josh Quotes (non-spoilery): "You never know. Your sister could be calling to report that she talked a suicidal cat out of a tree or convinced some anorexic Pomeranian to eat its Kibbles n' Bits."

"Only you could put blood bath and smiley faces in the same text."

"Sloane's right. We can't call in second-string now or we run the risk of losing the client when she has a meltdown about this or some future bombshell."

Casting: Josh is a classically handsome guy who played football in college, so he'd have to be embodied by someone tall with an athletic build who looks great in a suit and like he could step out of the pages of GQ. I think Armie Hammer would fit the bill nicely. 

Has Willa finally found the man of her dreams, or will she be disappointed once again? Can Sloane ever love a guy as much as she loves her job? And what about the man who's always been the biggest mystery to the Tobin twins - their father? Why did he opt out of their lives before they were born, and where is he now?

You'll be able to get up-close and personal with all the men of Twin Piques, including Willa's mischievous mutt Cicero, when it's released on Amazon tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what you think of the book and all the relationships in it!


  1. So many hot men in this book! Me likey the blond guy jogging. :) That would even be incentive to take up jogging again! Okay... must admit I never heard of Lucas Bryant or even the show Haven. I'm so out of it!

  2. I am not gonna lie, Jackie. That shirtless pic of Matt Barr gave me a lot of inspiration for certain Gav scenes in the book. ;)

    Lucas Bryant has been around for a while, but I didn't really notice him until Haven premiered on Syfy a few years back. He is a tall drink of water!

  3. I loved Eric André when he guest starred on 2 Broke Girls! I approve all of these casting choices, especially Matt Barr. When the Twin Piques movie is in production, you must insist on him being shirtless at all times! ;)

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