Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm excited to announce that both of my Chick Lit novels, In Need of Therapy and Blame It on the Fame, are now available in paperback on Amazon! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I want to offer paperback readers a couple of incentives for buying my books in October.

1) If you purchase a paperback copy of either In Need of Therapy or Blame It on the Fame and e-mail a copy of your receipt to me at, I will send you a fun, colorful In Need of Therapy bookmark, autographed by yours truly.

2) Everyone who contacts me with their receipt of a paperback purchase during October will be entered into a drawing, which will be held on Thursday, Nov. 1st. The winner of this drawing will have a character in my third novel named after him or her!

Here are the book blurbs and Amazon links for both paperbacks:

Purchase In Need of Therapy paperback at Amazon

Book blurb:  Lending a sympathetic ear and dispensing sage words of advice is all part of the job for psychologist Pilar Alvarez, and she’s everything a good therapist should be:  warm, compassionate, supportive.  She listens, she cares, and she has all the answers, but how’s the woman everyone turns to in their hour of need supposed to cope when her own life starts to fall apart?

While working hard to make a success of her recently-opened practice in trendy South Beach, Pilar must also find time to cater to the demands of her boisterous Cuban family, which includes younger sister Izzy, an unemployed, navel-pierced wild child who can't stay out of trouble, and their mother, a beauty queen turned drama queen who’s equally obsessed with her fading looks and getting Pilar married before it’s “too late.”  Although she’d like to oblige her mother and make a permanent love connection, Pilar’s romantic prospects look grim.  Her cheating ex, who swears that he’s reformed, is stalking her.  A hunky, but strictly off-limits, patient with bad-boy appeal and intimacy issues is making passes.  And the sexy shrink in the suite across the hall has a gold band on his left ring finger.

When a series of personal and professional disasters lead Pilar into the arms of one of her unsuitable suitors, she's left shaken, confused, and full of self-doubt.  With time running out, she must make sense of her feelings and learn to trust herself again so that she can save her business, her family, and most importantly, her heart.


"In Need of Therapy is Big Fat Greek Wedding type comedy only Cuban style!"
-Tobi Helton at Forget the Housework, I'm Reading

"Tracie has captured the essence of everything I love and expect from Chick Lit."
-Rachel Kall, author of Legally Undercover

"[Tracie Banister] weaves a compelling story with believable situations, quirky/lovable characters and, most of all, an intelligent heroine."
-Sophie Moss, author of The Selkie Enchantress

Purchase Blame It on the Fame paperback at Amazon

Book blurb:  A power-trippin’ bitch, a has-been, a skanky ex-model, a press-shy indie queen, and a British stage actress no one knows – that’s how the Best Actress hopefuls in this year’s too-close-to-call Oscar race cattily describe each other. Which of them will win the much-coveted gold statue and what price will they be forced to pay as they travel the red carpeted-path to Hollywood glory?

Amidst all the press-schmoozing and angsting over which designer gown to wear, these Oscar contenders feud, commiserate, and face a succession of personal crises – scandalous secrets come to light, marriages implode, accidents land two nominees in the hospital while another receives news that could derail her career, all culminating on Tinsel Town’s biggest night when anything can happen, and does.


"From the moment I started reading I could not put it down. This is one of the best Chick Lit books I've read this year." 
-Samantha March at Chick Lit Plus

"Blame It on the Fame is a humorous,engaging, entertaining, read,"
-Lauren Clark, author of Dancing Naked in Dixie

"I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for . . . a fabulous, juicy escape from daily life."
-Juliette Sobanet, author of Kissed in Paris


  1. Yay! I am so happy for you. I take it the PBs will only be available on .com, so I will still get myself a Kindle copy since am in UK. I really hope Engelbert isn't the winner of the drawing!! Enjoy, Sooz

    1. Sooz, the paperbacks are available on the Amazon UK site, as well! So, you have options! :)

  2. Fantastic!! Congrats, Tracie! I hope you have something celebratory planned for the weekend!

  3. Hooray! Great idea to do the character name "giveaway"!


  4. Tracie! I love, love, love your dancing champagne bottles! I hope your enjoyed some bubbly over the weekend! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to meet in person, so you can sign my novels. You have to stick to cool names like PILAR not cindy! Enjoy! xoox cindy