Thursday, July 19, 2012


Model-turned-swimsuit designer Sara Reade has been Pilar's BFF since they met in their freshman year of college.  Unlike Pilar, who's always diplomatic and sensitive of other people's feelings, Sara is a no-b.s., calls 'em like she sees 'em kind of gal.  She is fiercely loyal to Pilar and doesn't like to see other people take advantage of her, which she thinks everyone from jobless Izzy to the perpetually-cheating Victor does.  Currently on the verge of debuting her first swimsuit collection, Sara is an overworked, chocolate-addicted mess who relies on Pilar to keep her from losing it on a daily basis.    

Author’s Notes:  Personality-wise, Sara and Pilar are complete opposites, but they complement each other.  Pilar is able to ground Sara when she's being high-strung while Sara is a great sounding board for her bestie, who knows she can come to her about any problem, be it work, family, or man-related.  Sara can always be counted on to give Pilar good, solid advice, even when it's not what Pilar wants to hear.  Everyone needs a friend like Sara!  And she brings out Pilar's fun-loving side, which is what Pilar needs since she's often bogged down by all the responsibility that comes with both her job and her needy family.

Sara Quotes (non-spoilery):  "Ethics don't buy a girl jewelry, or give her multiple Os."

"I'd sooner walk into oncoming traffic than put my name on a bikini made from this cheap, hideous-looking excuse for a fabric."

"Don't do it.  Don't sell your soul to that bed-hoppin', Gucci Pour Homme-wearin' devil."

Casting Sara:  Sara is a willowy blonde, with gorgeous blue-green eyes and oodles of charisma.  I see Swedish beauty Malin Akerman as the character.  She has that wholesome, but sexy, vibe and is definitely a head turner like Sara.  She, also, has the figure of a model without being anorexic and looks fantastic in a swimsuit!


  1. "Ethics don't buy a girl jewelry, or give her multiple Os."

    Hee! She's a hoot! I love it. She sounds a bit like Anya Reynolds. Always good to have an outspoken friend like Sara in one's corner. Can't wait to meet Sara Reade.

  2. She sounds the perfect compliment to Pilar!

    Thanks again for sharing and I love the casting again!
    <3 Tobi
    I'm behind I wasn't first today

  3. Oooh, I can definitely see her as Sara. Such a great character!

  4. Great pick! Can't wait to read the book! xx Lauren

  5. I can't wait to read the book. I like the character of Sara; Pilar needs someone like this in her life. Not really a Malin Akerman fan, but I see why you cast her; she fits your descriptions beautifully.