Saturday, June 30, 2012


This giveaway is now CLOSED!  Congratulations to Yasmin Selena, the lucky winner of Rose McClelland's e-book, HOW TO LOOK LIKE YOU.  And thanks to all who participated in the giveaway!

Rose has generously offered to give away one e-book copy of her soon-to-be-released (July 5th!) Chick Lit novel, HOW TO LOOK LIKE YOU.  So, leave a comment below with your answer to Rose's quiz and you'll be entered to win!  Don't forget to leave your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win!  Giveaway is open to people in the US and the UK.  Drawing will take place on Saturday, July 7th, so get your comments in by midnight on Friday, July 6th.

Book blurb:

Have you ever had a frenemy? Someone you smile at sweetly but secretly you are filled with jealousy? Meet Chloe and Ella.

While Chloe sees herself as dowdy, quiet and going nowhere, Ella is brimming with talents: acting, singing, and outward-sitting, bronzed boobs.

Yet, Ella envies Chloe’s steady relationship with Aidan, her stick-thin figure and her perfectly poised style. As a result, Ella feels overweight, over-single and over-the-hill.

As Ella begins to work alongside Aidan, she develops feelings she shouldn’t have. When he invites her to join his band, it’s no surprise Chloe reacts by slamming the door off the handle.

Then Chloe begins a strategy of her own: Operation Simon. If she starts to go out more often with the bloke from work, surely Aidan would take notice?

Will Aidan smell Simon’s advances? Will Chloe and Aidan’s shared plans go ahead?

Will Ella become a friend or an enemy?

Find out How To Look Like YOU.

Author bio:
Rose McClelland lives in Belfast and writes chick-lit/women's fiction.
Her debut novel THE BREAK-UP TEST received lovely reviews on Amazon including: "Rose McClelland's voice reads like the younger sister of Marian Keyes with a more streetwise but vulnerable edge."
She is delighted to see her second novel HOW TO LOOK LIKE YOU also published by Crooked Cat.  
Rose wrote a short play which was directed by Rawlife Theatre Company and performed in The Black Box Theatre, Belfast. She writes book reviews for 'Judging Covers' and writes a mixture of theatre reviews and author interviews for her blog.
Rose has been writing creatively since her twenties. She started writing her first novel six years ago and is currently writing her fourth book.

What is the feature you find most attractive in the opposite sex? 

A. Lovely smile
B. Cheeky personality 
C. Confidence 
D. Reliable & trustworthy
E. Fit & active 

Leave your answer, along with your e-mail address, in the comments section below and you'll be entered to win an e-book copy of HOW TO LOOK LIKE YOU!

Visit author Rose McClelland at:

HOW TO LOOK LIKE YOU will be available for purchase on Amazon US & Amazon UK on July 5th!


  1. C and D ... though B is fun!!!! :) Love the mini-quiz! The book sounds great! ljreese3 (at) gmail (dot) com

    xx, Lauren

  2. D all the way. But I'm really demanding so I rely on...reliability. :) Book looks and sounds like a very fun read!

    Thanks for the opp!
    -Savannah Page

  3. Sounds like a fun book. I'd say C.


  4. That's hard! Today I am going with 'C'

  5. Bridget O'NeillJuly 5, 2012 at 3:27 PM

    Since my husband is very reliable and trustworthy, I'd definitely go with D!

  6. Oh sorry and email address is : )